Wednesday, November 30, 2005

finally i have a blog,and i am going to say something anyone can read,its almost like standing on the stage and give a speech or rather giving a lecture in class.i m a bit will someone react after seeing my posts?and what if no one reacts?

i am puja,i love to chat.i talk almost endlessly so much so that my friends have named me eveready battery.always charged.full of life, brimming with ideas and always having fun wid the moments i spend.
i love poetry,well thats my first crush.i write shayaries and sometimes poems too.i m writing a novel, lets see if it is published some day.


Manish Kumar said...

hmmmm welcome to the blog world Puja!
nice to see a person from my state using this internet space to express herself!

all the best!

SAPHR said...

Welcome and nice quote
Some thing for you hope you like it
Aksar hum nashein mein hote hain... aur raat guzar jaati hai...

Tanhaaiyon ke daaman mein hamein... ruswaa chhod jaati hai...!

Ek din aisaa hoga... hum raat ke is takalluff pe muskuraayenge...

Raat nashein mein hogii... aur hum guzar jaayenge...!!!

Creatded one yahoo grup for Jharkhand ppl come and join there


Shashwat Shekhar said...

आपका उपन्यास पुरा हुआ?

आपकी रचनाएँ पढीं एक अजीब सी खुशमिजाज उदासी झलक रही थी, आपके पोस्ट्स देखकर लगता है आपके विचार कागज़ पर आकर और खुबसूरत हो जाते हैं. वैसे एक गुजारिश है गर मानें तो, आपके flow को देखकर मुझे लगता है आप कमाल की संवेदनशील कहानियाँ लिख सकती हैं, विचार कीजियेगा.

Deepak Verma said...

ek bar start kiya to sare poast padh gya.great,bahut samvedansil rachnaye hai ap ki. Aap fb pe hai?to Muje add kre plz.